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Water Level Gotcha Down?

Why does my toilet bowl slowly lose water throughout the day?

This question came to us from Instagram user @jules71. The most common cause of slowly dropping water level is a crack in the toilet bowl. Check the flooring around your toilet for signs of water, such as softness, buckling, mold, or odor.

Other less common causes are improper venting, changes in atmospheric pressure, or closing doors in an air-tight home.

This question was answered by Jim, founder and owner of Eagar Plumbing, father of four, and grandpa of many (11 humans, two dogs, one cat, and a flock of farm fowl). Jim is a pro in the kitchen and can whip up the world’s best tuna melt on his delicious homemade wheat bread. Jim’s dreams are made of island breezes, lush golf courses, and his lovely wife, Debi.
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