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To DIY…or Call a Professional?

To DIY or not to DIY?  That is the age-old question asked by homeowners every day. We’ve all been there. Something stops working and you wonder if you need to call in the pros or tackle the job yourself. So, naturally, you find a short, easy-to-follow video on YouTube and, after just one trip to the hardware store, you come out a hero. Confetti falls from the ceiling as you tighten the last screw to fix the faucet. Balloons appear! There may even be a parade.

This scenario is sadly all too rare. Usually we try to ignore the problem for as long as possible until it is 9:00 on Saturday night and your plumbing system just can’t handle any more neglect. Hardware stores are closed, plumbers are hard to find, and you are desperate for that toilet to work! This is where duct tape and coat hangers come into play – and, let’s face it, the plumber you will eventually call may have a chuckle at your efforts. We applaud ingenuity but we always get a kick out of “homeowner fixes”.

So let me give you some guidelines to help you decide whether to call Eagar Plumbing or start searching YouTube.

Time. Most home owner repairs involve research online, multiple trips to the hardware store, and then the repair itself. But most of our plumbing repairs are taken care of in the first hour. Ask yourself how much your time is worth. If you’d rather not spend your Saturday driving back and forth to the hardware store, then you might be leaning towards a call to Eagar Plumbing.

Ease. Some people love a challenge. You can feel great satisfaction from repairing a sink or water heater yourself. If this sounds like you, and you need a little extra advice, feel free to call us. We would love to help you out if we can, either over the phone or even by text. If you aren’t looking for a challenge, then let us make it easy for you. We will show up clean, happy, and ready to solve your problem fast. We’ll even ask if there are any other plumbing issues we can help with. Easy, right?

Money. Believe it or not, it can be cheaper to call a plumber than to DIY. Making a mistake while fixing a water heater or sink faucet may cost you in the long run. Damage can be caused to both the fixture or your house. Our warranty covers all our work for the first year just in case the unexpected happens.

We love the do-it-yourself spirit, and we will help any time and in any way we can. And If you decide to call a professional, Eagar Plumbing will make it a pleasure to repair your plumbing problem.

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